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Any longer-term or large-scale use of C2PAP cluster resources or C2PAP staff manpower requires an approved C2PAP project.


  • The application should contain a short description of scientific goals and a description of the computational task or problem and a outline of the work-flow.
  • Projects will be approved on a yearly basis but extensions or renewals can be made. The call for proposals is made in November and proposals are due in December, usually after the cluster's science week.
  • Project reports are expected at the end of the projects.

Here is the call for proposals and the proposal template for 2018.

Test or Evaluation Projects

In case UC groups or users consider the use of C2PAP but first need to test or evaluate the environment and work out the detailed lists of requirements one can also apply for an “evaluation project”.

  • A short one-paragraph abstract describing the project would be sufficient
  • Duration and resource usage should be limited: 3 months and 50k CPU hours

Please contact any of the staff members to start the process and inquire about the details.

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