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Find your project id

Every user account is mapped to exactly one project and a corresponding user group. Find your project ID by inspecting the output of id, such as

$ id
uid=3367554(ru71xaf1) gid=3367553(pr83tu) groups=3367553(pr83tu)
Here ru71xaf1 is your user name, and pr83tu is your project name.

Extract the numerical gid automatically with

id | sed 's/^.*=//;s/(.*$//' 

Find users in a group

getent group pr85tu # project name
getent passwd ru71xaf1 # user name
for usr in $(ls -l /gpfs/scratch/pr86re/ | awk '{print $9}'); do getent passwd $usr ; done

CPU share

Each project has a fair share of the available CPU and disk resources. To see your CPU budget, run

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