The CIIP group Oberseminar is a weekly seminar session by the CIIP group, which takes place throughout the year (also during lecture-free periods). Its agenda includes the kick-off and final presentations of student projects (such as Bachelor and Master thesis, interdisciplinary projects, guided research projects).

During the Covid19 pandemic, the seminar session takes place completely virtually via BigBlueButton (hosted by TUM). The link for each seminar session will be sent to the participants by email a few days before the session.

Student presentations

The presentations of student projects include kick-off presentations (a few weeks after project start) and final presentations (at the end of the project). The presentations are scheduled by the supervisor. If you do not have a date for your presentation yet, please contact your supervisor at CIIP.

Presentation duration

As guideline, here are the expected durations of the presentations:

Project typeKick-off presentationFinal presentation
Bachelor thesis5 minutes15 minutes
Master thesis5 minutes15 minutes
IDP, GR, etc.5 minutes15 minutes

After the presentation, there will be a round of discussions.

Presentation template

You can use the TUM templates for your presentations.

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