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Here you find information on the topic calendar.


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1. Where can I find my calendar?

Your personal calendar is in your business card under the applications menu: 

Screenshot: Applications menu - calendar

2. Which lectures are (not) in my calendar?

Your personal calendar automatically contains the lecture dates for the group of courses for which you registered, as well as the lectures for the standard groups. The same applies to employees who are assigned as course lecturers.

If you believe there are too few or too many lectures in your calendar, please ask your lecturers to correctly assign the lecture schedules to the groups.

3. My calendar also shows the lectures for all other exercise course groups? 

In this case, the course lectures/lecture series are allocated to the standard group and not to the individual exercise course groups. The student's calendar shows the group of courses for which you are registered, as well as the lectures for the standard group. The standard group should contain the lectures common to all of the groups.

The same applies to the lecturers. Their calendars contain the lectures for the standard group, plus the group of lectures to which they are assigned. 

4. Configuring the calendar view 

You can choose the time and day that your calendar should show (i.e. Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm)

Screenshot: Calender - settings

In the personal settings, you can select the day, time and type of lecture. The settings are accessible via the Settings button in the personal calendar (via the business card). Keep in mind that the chosen display settings are applied to all calendars in TUMonline. 

5. Subscribing the lecture calendar to Google Calendar/smartphones

When you publish your calendar in TUMonline, you receive an iCal link. To test whether the calendar subscription function works in other programs, call up the iCal link and open it with an editor or a local desktop calendar program (iCal, Sunbird). Your lectures should appear there.

You can now subscribe this link to your Google Calendar, smartphone or e-mail program for instance. The calendar is automatically updated, but with some delay (several hours). The calendar subscription works only for viewing. Lecture dates entered into external calendars are not synchronized with the TUMonline calendar. 

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