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Here we give you an overview about the topic courses. Detailed manuals can you find in the box on the right or in the menu on the left. 


Nearby topics

Courses by department

Select the desired TUM school or department (e.g. Department of Mechanical Engineering) in the navigation tree on the left and then Courses in the applications menu on the department’s organization page. This menu displays the courses offered in the current academic year in the selected department, as well as its related institutes and chairs. You can currently call up the application without registering or obtaining authorization.

Screenshot: Overview courses

You can also use the Courses applications menu to navigate through prior or subsequent academic years if needed.

When switching to a subsequent academic year, keep in mind that any predefined or manual filters, such as a summer semester filter, will remain in place when you navigate to a subsequent academic year.

The TUM course catalog has been available on TUMonline since the 2010 summer semester. Course catalogs for any academic years prior to SS 2010 can be accessed through the Univis legacy archive system:

Filter settings

Semester settings

If you review the courses for the 2016 summer semester and then navigate to the 2016/2017 academic year, for example, the summer semester filter remains active. If you want to display courses for the 2016/2017 winter semester, you must select the winter semester or remove the filter completely.

Displaying all courses that begin with 60*

When creating a search filter, a percent sign is inserted in the background (internally) before and after the search term. That means the system searches exactly for "%60%". The percent sign stands for any number of characters, "from 0 to...." The system will thus find all entries where 60 occurs somewhere.

Apart from "%", you can also use an underline ("_"), which stands for an exact number of characters. By entering "60______" for instance, you can find all numbers that begin with 60. By entering "______60", you can find all numbers that end with 60.

Please keep in mind that a percent sign (%) is automatically inserted in the background. Pay attention to the length of the numbers as well. If you search for courses by "8______" (a total of 9 places) for instance, you will receive the following result:

  • 821049543
  • 1821014950 (Number has 10 digits, but will also be found because it contains the 9-digit pattern)
  • 8210149501 (this number will also be found)

Courses in the English language

Instructions on how to send a link to the English version of a department’s course offerings is available on the link to English course offerings page.

Curriculum placement

How courses are displayed in the curriculum depends on how the respective degree program and the affected modules were configured when input into the campus management system. Courses and examinations associated with a particular module are linked (as so-called course nodes or examination nodes). Each module can be integrated into any number of degree programs and, in theory, at any position.

TUMonline, however, displays only the information that was input when configuring the degree program in the campus management system. If a particular course is "missing" from a degree program, there are essentially three possible reasons:

  • The course is part of a module that is not integrated into every degree program.
  • The course belongs to several modules, but is not linked to all modules.
  • The course belongs to several modules, but not all of the modules belong to the degree program.

For details about the configuration of modules and degree programs, please contact the academic programs office of your school or department. 

Online documents and learning material

Click on the title to obtain details about a specific course. This will open up a detailed view with information regarding the weekly lecture hours, lecturer(s), course content, schedules, registration and online documents:

  • If documents for the course has been prepared, it will be linked in the "Online documents" section.
  • If documents for individual lectures has been prepared, it will be linked to the information related to the date of the respective lecture under "Abhaltungsterminen".
  • For courses that utilize the Moodle learning platform, the link "eLearning course" in the "Online documents" section leads directly to the Moodle course.

Additional information about the online documents and learning material are available on the LV material page.

Other ways to locate courses 

Searching for courses 

You can search for courses using the generic search function (drop-down box next to the login button) and the corresponding simple or advanced search mask. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the course search page.

Courses within a degree program 

The courses in your particular degree program can be found either in the overall curriculum for your degree program (Degree Programs [Studeinangebot] in the applications menu) or in your personal curriculum (Study status/curriculum in the applications menu). 

Courses for which you are registered 

In Course registration/deregistration in the applications menu in your visiting card, the first thing you will see is an overview of the courses for which you are registered, which you can normally cancel (deregister) during the registration period. You can also search and register for other courses from this screen using the integrated search function.

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