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Here can you find TUMonline manuals for employees and guests.

Please first log in at the top right with your TUM ID and personal password to access the non-public content.

If you are new at TUM or you if have moved to another institution: Please check the data on your personal business card.


TUMonline manuals for download

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PDF-Datei TUMonline-Handbuch-Mitarbeiter_deutsch.pdf 28.September 2016 by Donner, Frauke
PDF-Datei TUMonline-Handbuch-Mitarbeiter_englisch.pdf 28.September 2016 by Donner, Frauke
PDF-Datei TUMonline-Handbuch-Mitarbeiter_Medizin.pdf 28.September 2016 by Donner, Frauke


TUMonline Basics - introduction for employees (in English, 15 min, Login with TUM ID and password)

Contents: Structure, login, business card, e-mail address, TUMcard, roles, software ...

We explain more TUMonline topics in short video tutorials, at the moment available only in German: Videos