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Here you can find frequently asked questions concerning the topic staff and organizations. 


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My personal data in TUMonline are wrong or missing, what Can I do?

Please contact Your Human Resources Department. Personal data of employees are transfered from SAP to TUMonline and can be changed only in SAP.

What can I do if a person is missing from our department's personnel list?

This can happen for several reasons:

  • The SAP system assigns those people who are employed by TUM to the TUMonline system. If the missing person is not being paid by TUM, the possibility exists to assign him or her to your department using the guest administration function. Please ask the department head/guest administrator to handle this.
  • Your colleague was mistakenly assigned to another organization. Either the cost center was allocated incorrectly in SAP (this can be corrected by personnel) or if several people are affected the problem lies with TUMonline. Please contact IT support ( to resolve the problem.

In theory, your department's TUMonline administrator can move regularly-employed people within the department.

If it involves a move in another department, or something similar, please contact the TUMonline admnistrator at the TUM level (log in to TUMonline, click on "Technische Universität München" in the navigation tree and then on "Roles" in the department business card).

Screenshot: Find "Roles" on TUM level

My facility is named wrong in TUMonline, what can I do?

Please contact the Information Officer of your department. You can find him or her in TUMonline on the business card of your department under "Representative".

Screenshot: Find represantatives of departments