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In this manual we show how to switch a profile.

What is a Profile?

  • A profile is a group of persons of TUM, which you are assigned to.

  • There are different profiles at TUM: applicant, student, employee, alumni.

  • A profile provides you with specific applications and rights.
  • You can be assigned to more than one profile, for example if you were student at TUM before and now you study again. In this case you have the profile "Alumni" and "Students".

Switching profiles

To switch your profile, click on the button with the head at the top right in TUMonline:

Screenshot: Switching a profile

The following window opens:

Screenshot: Switching a profile

Setting a standard profile

Via the button "Personal settings" you can choose your standard profile after login:

Screenshot: Application menu - personal settings

Choose your standard profile and save your settings:

Screenshot: Choosing standard profile