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In this manual we show you how to log into TUMonline with a PIN code.

What is a PIN code?

A PIN code is a "one time password". It allows you to create a new personal password for your account. You need it for example if you want to log in TUMonline the first time or if have forgotten your password.

How can I get a PIN code?

Students can obtain a PIN code from from IT-Support or click on "login" at the TUMonline homepage and then on "Forgot your password?":

Screenshot: Password forgotten

Employees and guests obtain a PIN code from their responsible TUMonline user administrator or from the IT Support.

Redeeming PIN codes

You can redeem the PIN code in TUMonline. Click on "login" in the upper right corner:

Screenshot: Login link in TUMonline

The log-in page then appears. You can enter your PIN code in the center of the page, differentiated according to students, staff and alumni:

Screenshot: redeeming PIN code

  • Students:Please select the first link and enter the PIN code, matriculation number and date of birth.
  • Staff and guests: Please select the second link and enter the PIN code and date of birth.
  • Alumni: Please select the third link and enter the PIN code and date of birth.

Click "Save" after correct entry of the data. After that you can define a new password for your account.