In this manual we show you how to view the current status of your tuition fee payments.

1. Log in to TUMonline

Please log in to TUMonline.

Click on the “Tuition Fees” application.

Screenshot: Application “Tuition Fees”

2. View your tuition fee status

The page with your tuition fee details (your tuition fee account) opens. You can change the semester for which you want to view the tuition fee status.

Screenshot: Tuition fee status


The amounts to be paid (e.g. tuition fees, contribution for the Student Union) and the total amount.


This shows the fees

  • you have already paid.
  • you haven’t paid yet (in red).
“Money Transferal”

Here you find details necessary for bank transfer.


Under Applications you find links to various applications.

3. FAQ

The information in my tuition fee account is incorrect – what can I do?

Please contact stating your first name, last name, matriculation number and provide a detailed description of the problem.

For further information about fees and financial aid visit