How do I apply?

Please submit your application documents using the online registration by the deadline. If your documents are complete, formally correct, and received by TUM by the deadline, you will take part in the aptitude assessment.

For a step by step guide, please follow this link

International applicants may require additional documents.

Do I need a portfolio?

We do not require a portfolio for this course. 

In your motivational letter (text), you should include the abilities, particular talents, interests, career ambitions, and previous work that makes you particularly suited to study this degree course. Further information on your personal background or special qualifications, such as extra-curricula commitments, may also be added to illustrate your suitability (please include proof with your application, for example, as an attachment to your motivational letter). Please note that the motivational letter itself should be a maximum of two A4 pages of text and be written in English. Any attachments serve as proof of your statements, however, they will not be directly included in the evaluation of the motivational letter.

Can I apply if I have a grade lower than 2.0?

You may apply with a grade lower than 2.0

Your grade makes up one of a number of parts of the aptitude assessment, therefore while a grade lower than 2.0 GPA does not automatically lead to the rejection of an application, the application will not receive points for that part of the assessment. 

Can I apply with a master's degree?

Yes, if you achieved your master's in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, civil engineering, geodesy, geoinformation, informatics, or a similar.

We require at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent in one of the degree programs listed above. A grade of at least 2.0 is asked for.

International Applicants

Who is “international”?

In terms of applying to TUM, international refers to the country where you have completed your secondary school or your undergraduate studies. It does not refer to your country of origin or the place you live. For details on the extra requirements for international applicants please follow this link

What extra documents do international applicants need?

For information on what extra documents international applicants need to hand in, please refer to the following links:

Requirements for International Applicants

Special Conditions for Certain Countries

Uni-Assist/ Preliminary Documentation 

What course do I indicate in my Uni-Assist application?

“During the online application at uni-assist, choose “Technische Universität München” and the option “all degree courses” (“Alle Fächer”). Do not choose a specific program.” For more information and a step-by-step guide please follow this link

My UniAssist documents are still pending. Can I proceed with my application submission? 

There is a declaration sheet available by TUM: Please carefully read the instructions and all supplementary information given here: (Bullet point 5)

Program Fees

What are the program fees?

The semester fees, which consist of the basic student union fee and the fees for the basic (public transport) semester ticket, must be transferred in time for each semester in which you wish to begin or continue your studies.

For more information on fees and financial aid please follow this link

When are program fees due?

The payment deadline

  • for first-time enrollment for the winter semester Sept. 15.
  • for continued enrollment for the winter semester Aug. 15.

For more information on fees and financial aid please follow this link

Language certificates

How do I prove my English language proficiency?

We accept "Test of English as a Foreign Language" (TOEFL) (min.  88 Points), "International English Language Testing System" (IELTS) (min. 6,5 Points), or "Cambridge Main Suite of English Examinations".

For more information on language certificates, please follow the link:

When do I have to submit my proof of English language proficiency?

The proof of English skills should be submitted with your application.

For more information on language certificates, please follow the link:

I have proof of language proficiency other than those listed. Does my certificate fulfill the language requirements?

If you have alternative proof of English language proficiency that is not TOEFL, IELTS, or “Cambridge Main Suite of English Examinations", and would like to know if your certificate qualifies you for admission, please contact the Student Advising and Information Services at (please observe the E-mail etiquette).

For more information on language certificates, please follow the link:

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