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Request for initial consultation

Dear founders, please fill in the contact form as completely as possible so that we can forward your inquiry to the right contact person and find the best offer for you and your concern.

Please note, that TUM Start-up Advising is only available to TUM-members (scientists, employees, students and alumni up to 5 years after graduation).

Only those can be consulted, who are willing and who have an idea for which no capital company has yet been established

TUM Start-up Advising is free of charge.

The information you provide will be kept confidental. By law, we are prohibited to provide any legal and tax consulting. Your data will be treated confidentially and used only for internal purposes.

TUM Start-up Advising is a joint service of TU Munich and UnternehmerTUM.

Fields marked with * are mandatory fields and must be completed.


TUM Start-up Advising

Tel. +49 89.189469.1430
Fax +49 89.189469.1199

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