This year's topic of the Computer Games Laboratory course is "Munich", so we decided to make a game that focuses on the infrastructure of that city. The core idea is to fight a deadly virus, which starts spreading in Munich. To accomplish the goal of exterminating the virus before too much of the population has been infected, the player needs to use limited resources in real-time.

The focus of our game is to simulate the spread of the virus as accurately as possible. To achieve this we plan to implement a realistic simulation of the daily life of the inhabitants of Munich. The graphics will be rather simple so that the player can easily keep track of the simulation. We are planning to visualize the city in bird's eye view. Neutral areas are displayed in white while areas with a high infection rate are colored red.

Final Part


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Part I: Game Proposal


Part II: Physical Prototype


Part III: Interim Demo


Part IV: Alpha


Part V: Playtest


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