Milestone 1 : Idea

Milestone 2 : Prototype

Milestone 3 : Interim Results

Milestone 4 : Alpha Release

Milestone 5 : Playtesting

Milestone 6: Trailer

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  1. G'Day y'all!

    1.) What I like:

    Your pitch reminds me so much of Splatoon due to the fact that you need to cover the map (with dirt/rubbish in your case) and then try to get rid of it as an opposing team. However, this is not a particularly bad thing because Splatoon is tons of fun and you can orientate yourself a lot! I think you folks said something about an asymmetric aspect which I think sounds very interesting. Also, the game is a multiplayer game in general, which means it probably is tons of fun anyways!

    2.) What I find problematic:

    I do not see a lot of issues with your pitch. A major difficulty is probably generating a fair experience for both teams. The only thing I would really dislike is if you your project would become too similar to Splatoon but I do not think this is the case.

    3.) Improvements:

    I think what already solves this issue to a certain extend are the actions the chaotic team needs to perform to win: So, maybe choose something else instead of just spilling ink (or dirt ;D). The cleaning team appears to be already pretty unique. Please make the player characters cute and then I am sure you will create a great experience!

  2. Simple yet promising idea! Just make sure that playing each of the two teams really feels different while still maintaining equal power balancing. If you need a test player, please hit me up - (2v2 me Ohne treten Staubsauger hinter Turnhalle >:-(  ) I think the game can turn out awesome, but the exact design decisions still seem volatile, which is not bad but make sure to access your design decisions regularly.

  3. I like the idea of two teams playing against each other, but doing totally different things. Both teams would likely develop different strategies to win. Like others have also noted, I am wondering, if it wouldn't be hard to find a balace that is fair, but still interesting. For example if both teams have the same number of players and cleaning something takes the same amount of time as "destoying" it, it would be totally balanced, however, every cleaner could just stick to one destroyer and immediately clean up after them. This would maybe not be the most fun the game could be. So maybe you can play with the numbers of players per team, so that one team is bigger, but their action takes longer to perform than that of the other team, like that, cleaners can't just each stick to one destroyer. Of course you will already have thought of these ideas, so I am curious what you will come up with (smile)

  4. What is your favorite aspect of the proposed game? Why?
    It reminds me of a Mario Party mini-game, which are always fun to play in a multiplayer party setting.

    What is your least favorite aspect? Why?
    It seems like the game is biased towards the order team, as only the order team can constrain the opponents' characters. Furthermore, for now it seems like the room or level starts in a clean state (or at least there is not enough information about it), giving the order team the edge at the beginning of the game. Both problems can be easily fixed by having the level be 50% dirty in the beginning and also letting the chaos team constrain their opponents.

    Which single change or addition would you suggest to most improve the game?
    I would try to add more objectives for the player to achieve during a round that might give additional points to the team. The mini-game nature, even though it is fun in a mini-game context, might get boring pretty fast as it currently doesn't seem to offer any depths or variaty. You could have a list of simple tasks like "destroy X chairs", but only give the teams a subset of that list, e.g. you have 10~20 different tasks in your game, but only 3~5 get chosen randomly for one game round. That way, every game feels different and fresh, while also giving the player a clearer objective to play towards other than clean or destroy the room.

    1. Asymmetrical multiplayer games are rare so I'm excited about this one
    2. The same: asymmetrical multiplayer, because most of the time they are not well balanced ore feel different. I think this will be the most difficult thing of your game.
    3. Uneven abilities: maybe some type of destruction is simple and fast and gives the chaos team few point and the order team a lot when they put in the effort and time to repair it. On the other side maybe time intensive tasks to make a part of the floor dirty with many points but the whole floor can be cleaned by one small task of the order team.
      Another idea is coop-elements: some tasks can only be done by two players of the same team working together.
  5. What is your favorite aspect of the proposed game? Why?
    I like the idea of opposing teams needing to do different tasks to win.

    What is your least favorite aspect? Why?
    I think the tasks of the "cleaners" might become boring over time because you are only chasing the
    other player to remove the mess they are producing. Thus, they would just react and can't take action themselves.
    And as already mentioned, balancing will also be difficult. You shouldn't underestimate that. 

    Which single change or addition would you suggest to most improve the game?
    You could give both teams different abilities in order to do their job. For example the "cleaners" can
    move fast while cleaning (but only in one direction) while team "dirty" run always with the same speed
    and can change their direction how they want.

  6. I like the idea of an asynchronous gameplay as well as the incorporation of the theme, but I can imagine that the team, that is waiting for their turn, gets bored rather fast if the abilities within the game are not interesting to watch. Furthermore, I feel like it is a lot easier to create chaos, which is why the choice of abilities as well as the balancing will have a huge impact on the overall game. An improvement for the game could be some sort of ranking system for cleaning and creating chaos so that people can compare them to others. 

  7. I LIKE the idea of implementing a (massive? Not really… but more than two players!) multiplayer game. I have never done that myself, so I’m curious how well will it come out. I am also looking forward to your custom shaders! I hope they will make your game stand out.

    I FEAR that one of the sides will be much cooler to play. It’s hard to avoid “better” and “worse” side in asymmetric multiplayer, there will always be preferences, but make sure these are caused by the players themselves, not by the game itself. Try to notice early, if one of the teams is not fun enough to play and act quickly to fix it! 

    MAYBE include some kind of freedom of choice for the players. It could be in form of skin, character type, weapon/tools. If the player can control something it can diminish eventual disappointment caused by landing in the “disliked” team. Comparing to other genres: if you like playing as a warrior it is ok to be stuck with a healer (because the party needs one) if you are at least able to choose between paladin or priestess, but it is a disaster if you are stuck with only one option: the worst possible outcome.

  8. Unknown User (ga42mud)

    I'm interested in the strategies that can be formed for both sides especially considering mind games. 

    As far as I understood it, there doesn't seem to be a lot of teamwork involved. So adding mechanics that require or support teamwork may make the game more fun.

  9. What do I like the most?
    I like the concept of pitting 2 opposing teams against each other and giving them each separate objectives.

    What do I like the least?
    PvP Party games often tend to frustrate the losing side (depending on how good a loser they are ;) ). In the long run this might be a design problem, which can be prevented by making certain design choices that prevent a feeling of unfairness, etc.
    I, personally, couldn't really get an understanding of how the game itself works on a gameplay level, to judge it thoroughly, but I hope that this changes during the prototype demos tomorrow :)

    What change would I suggest?
    As the game is supposed to be fast-paced Online-PvP action, I'd advise to you be very careful and thorough with the networking. Otherwise, the fun of playing the game might be influenced drastically.

  10. I think this could be a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love making a huge mess and at the same time annoy their friends cleaning up after them?

    That being said: I imagine designing the cleanup team in a way that is as enjoyable to play as the team making the mess could be very challenging.

    It could be interesting if you gave the clean-up team some option to slow down the opposing team. I guess it all depends on how you implement your clean-up and make-a-mess mechanics and how close your game models real life, i.e., making a mess is faster and easier than cleaning up.

  11. The general concept is quite proven by other games so chances are high this is also fun.
    However, asymmetrical gameplay is always hard to make so maybe keep in mind to have enough playtesting time to balance and polish.
    If both teams have equal chances of winning and an equal amount of fun, I'm sure it'll be an entertaining game.

    1. Your idea really reminds me of Splatoon. As this game is a lot of fun I think your game has the potential to get very good. I'm really looking forward to it!
    2. I think it will be important to balance your game as the clean up part sound a bit less fun than the dirt part.
    3. Maybe you could give the two teams different abilities and gameplay styles to make them both unique and interesting to play.
  12. Like: Having two teams with different goals and abilities is a cool dynamic. I think it could be really fun party game.
    Fear: Obviously balancing is hard.
    Suggestion: Test your game, try balancing both sides and consider varying the team sizes.

  13. I like the originality of the game as well as the fact that you are using own shaders. Really looking forward to see the results!

    As many people mentioned, balancing might be challenging. However I'd suggest you play a bit with the elements of chaos, so the game is not only about winning but having a good time. You could also decide on how to clean the dirt, maybe with more dirt =) ? So it doesn't seem like its just cleaning up.

  14. Favourite Aspect: I think your take on the theme is hilarious, and would present a really fun party game experience for the players. The presence of asymmetrical gameplay also means that players are going to be keen on playing both sides of the matchup. I see this tremendously increasing the replay value of your game.

    Fear: That given enough of a sample size, players find that one side is consistently winning. Balancing the game between the two sides could be challenging, however if there is enough reward for skill over mere in-game abilities, I think good players would be able to win regardless of the side they are on.

    Suggest: I would suggest that you keep individual abilities and goals extremely simple and easy to understand, which would work well for the party audience. Furthermore, this would make balancing easier, since so single action/ability would be overpowered, and so it would come down to individual skill expression of the players.

  15. Making an asynchronos multiplayer is a cool idea however, make sure that both sides are equally fun to play and that both partys have a fair chance to win.

  16. What is your favorite aspect of the proposed game? Why?
    I like the idea, feels to me like a mixture of Visceral Cleanup Detail and Splatoon.

    What is your least favorite aspect? Why?
    I fear that balancing will be very hard. I have difficulties envisioning how you can balance this, so that both sides have equal chances, but I hope you are more creative than me in that regard, because the idea itself is intriguing.

    Which single change or addition would you suggest to most improve the game?
    Be transparent to the player how scores are calculated! Show them how much is cleaned/isn't cleaned, how much is repaired/broken and so on. I think this would make it more understandable to player why which team won.

  17. I really like the concept of your game and since I'm quite into team based games, I'm already certain that I will enjoy your demo. You will probably encounter some issues when it comes down to maintaining balance/fairness, I hope you reserve enough time to address these. Furthermore, you will likely face some similar issues as our team since both of the game pitches rely on networking as a core technical achievement. I would suggest investing a considerable time for designing your network model and finding the most suitable patterns for your own game from the start since adjusting the architecture later on would be way harder.

  18. Here's one anonymous comment:

    The general impression I got from your game is that the base concept is
    fine but it is still lacking in terms of allowing dynamic play patterns.
    From my current view point the gameplay mechanics are not fleshed out
    well enough to allow for different types scenarios (gameplay wise) and
    most rounds will turn into a cat & mouse chase. As you have one map view
    for both teams there is no hidden information so will the cleaning
    up/making the environment dirty judge the players on some sort of
    skill/mini game? You should either add some sort of hidden information
    (along the idea of traps or RNG factors maybe), skill based mechanics
    (skillshots?) otherwise game rounds will quickly feel too alike to each