Group Members:

  • Min Ting Luong
  • Oleksandr Golovnya 
  • Yinfeng Yu 

Demo Trailer

Milestone I: Game Idea Pitch (10/11/2021)

Milestone II: Prototype (24/11/2021)

Milestone III: Interim Demo (15/12/2021)

Milestone IV: Alpha Release (19/01/2022)

Milestone V: Playtesting (02/02/2022)

Milestone VI: Final Release (16/02/2022)


Link to download the Build folder:

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1 Comment

    1. I think you have a very innovative take on the theme, which I really like. I get the impression of a thematic combination of dark humor and horror, while also maintaining a relaxing experience as you had mentioned in your pitch. I also like the idea for a cartoony vibe to the character art, which I think would fit really well.
    2. Since you mentioned that you want a multiplayer experience with increasing difficulty, I wonder if the game might become repetitive over time at higher difficulties. 
    3. Since you plan to have abilities in the game, I'm curious if you plan to make them in a sort of unlockable and buildable form (like a tech tree), so that characters feel a sense of growth and progression as they reach higher difficulty levels.