Group Members:

  • Matthias Ellerbeck

  • Musfira Naqvi

  • Mert Ülker

  • Doğa Yüksel

Milestone 1: Game Idea Pitch (10.11.2021)

Milestone 2: Game Prototype (24.11.2021)

Milestone 3: Interim Demo (15.12.2021)

Milestone 4: Alpha Release (19.01.2022)

Milestone 5: Playtesting (02.02.2022)

Milestone 6: Final Release (16.02.2022)

static - The Trailer.mp4static-video-UNEDITED_VERSION.mp4

Compiled game (~530MB):!AtP1Dd6B8IqOg4kHd3ukqNfxSPiU1w?e=isYgjF

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  1. 1. I like your ghost solution to camping in a corner or with the back against the wall

    2. If projectiles of the weapon also don't move while you look at them, then after you turn around, quick enemies could dodge them without you even seeing how they dodge.

    3. The idea itself is solid, but you only mentioned basic enemies. Maybe an enemy that defies the rules by being invisible until he gets close to attack? Could be an interesting jump-scare element :)

    1. What is your favorite aspect of the proposed game? Why? - I like that the game is heavy skill based

    2. What is your least favorite aspect? Why? - The idea that the projectile don't move could frustrate the player

    3. Which single change or addition would you suggest to most improve the game? - Different enemies with different skills and behaviors could add more variety to the game

    1. I really like your take on the roguelike where enemies don't move when looking at them. It gives me vibes of both musical chairs as well as Red Light Green Light from Squid Games. I think this could be a very interesting game development experience, both from the perspective of playing as well as the tech achievement. 
    2. I couldn't tell whether stationary enemies would blend into the surroundings when not moving or be clearly visible. In case of the latter, wouldn't the player just be able to spam shots? 
    3. I'm not sure what kind of thematic setting you had in mind for the game, but as a fan of comical settings, I wanted to suggest some sort of satirical horror setting. I think this could complement the stationary enemies very well with the appropriate sound effects and cartoony face expressions.