Ihr New Leadership Mindset 

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Dr. Lisa Horvath


f you have a brain, you have a bias.  (common saying)


In this workshop, we focus on the strategies and possibilities how implicit biases (on the individual as well as on the group level) in the university and research context can be reduced or even prevented. After an introduction to implicit biases and the respective bias management, participants are invited to transfer the presented strategies in relevant contexts, like, for instance, personnel selection, team settings, conferences, etc. This should help to achieve not only (more) excellence in research within a team, but also to achieve diversity in the sense of a working environment in which all individuals involved can fully develop their potential and contribute abundantly.

Your takeaways

  • You receive a compact overview of implicit biases being especially relevant for the university context
  • You understand the practical impact and risks of individual and group level biases
  • You know about bias management strategies and how to apply these to relevant contexts


The instructor will present research results on the impact of implicit biases. On that basis, participants learn via university examples to recognize these biases. By means of group tasks and discussions, participants are invited to transfer the presented best practice knowledge and bias management strategies to their very own practice.

Seminar Date

June 30, 2022, 2.00 pm - 5:30 pm

The speaker

Dr. Lisa Horvath

All Workshop Dates can be found here: