Use this form to apply for the practical course: Data Analytics for Cyber-Physical Systems (IN2106). Follow the link to read about the rules and prerequisites for the course.

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Consequences of not giving consent

You have the right not to give consent to the processing of your data. To that end, you may not fill out the form. This will mean that we will have to rank your application without knowledge of your motivation or skills.
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Your rights: Information, Correction, Deleteion, Limitation, Revocation, Objection

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  • right of data transfer.

  • Additionally you have the right to complain to the Bavarian state representative of data protection („Bayerischer Landesbeauftragter für den Datenschutz“).

Consequences of revoking your consent

With receipt of your revocation, all personal identifiers in the data will be deleted in data processed beyond the scope of the course. This does not affect the legality of previous data processing. To revoke your consent, address the following contact:

Contact at the chair

Edeltraud Fichtl
Boltzmannstraße 3
85748 Garching bei München

If you have further questions regarding data protection, contact our data protection officer:

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