Darya Popiv
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor: Marcus Tönnis, Christian Lange
Submission Date:21.12.2006



  • Integration of various new libraries and a 6series convertible in a new fixed base driving simulator
  • Set up of bleeding edge experiments w.r.t. optical and haptical driving assistance
  • Supervision of experiments
  • Analysis, description and discussion of results

Current Work

1 in min prio, 1000 is highest priority
  • AGP-Funktion - Done
  • 2D Viewer (Hiwi) - Done
  • Lenkwinkel (MW) - Done
  • Fremdverkehr 800 - Done
  • Wert von Eigenem Fhzg 500 - Done
  • 3D Viewer (MT) - Done
  • Installation Hardware (LfE) - Done

Further Work

  • Experiments require 2 students for executing the evaluation
  • Setup requires 2 students for deployment/programming - currently Dasha has probably found two students - Done
  • WebServer and Versioning Server require two students for each a month (Administration) - Done

Results/Implementation/Project Description