Mohamed Ben Jazia

Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Sven Liedtke
Submission Date:16.10.2017


Thanks to the development of emerging technologies in the field of augmented reality, creating user-oriented applications in AR has become more accessible. This thesis describes the implementation of an Augmented Reality Role-Playing Game for a Head Mounted Display such as the Microsoft Hololens. It aims to tackle the difficulties and obstacles that can be faced when developing for such platforms and offers an overview of what innovative interaction methods can be offered from this new game type. The research part is parallel to the implementation of a fully playable game (called HoloRPG). To prove the reliability of the described methods and techniques, series of testing have been conducted throughout the development.

HoloRPG, the game

You, as an ordinary human, have discovered an ancient artifact from another world, which is called the “sacred Hololens”. It was created from the elder Gods to make it possible to see through other dimensions. With the help of this artifact, you’ll need to fight monsters and help people in distress to get stronger and complete your ultimate quest, collect the 3 “kackwarkas” and defeat the evil spirits that threaten the balance between all dimensions.


Using the Hololens as a HMD, the user can freely walk through his environment, which gets set up for the experience beforehand. He can interact with NPCs by simply talking with them through voice commands such as “Hi” or “Ok”. Fighting monsters requires him to shoot magic balls by performing the default tap gesture from the Hololens. Aiming relies on the user’s gazing direction. Navigating through the menu is done by using pre-learned voice commands such as “Map” or “Quests”.