Mária Guziarová
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Sven Liedtke
Submission Date:15.9.2018


Well-trained workers are the main pillar of manufacturing industry. By using new technologies, the effectivity of worker training can increase. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to explore the utilization of virtual technologies to create an effective tool to train workers in manufacturing assembly operations. A very important part of this thesis is feedback of target users, which also has a direct impact on the implementation of vocational training scenario. The 3DExperience platform developed by Dassault Systemes - an international enterprise software company - has been used for the implementation
of this project.

The emphasis of this thesis is placed on establishing a usable worker training tool for manufacturing, comparing the benefits of two different approaches: the Interactive On-Screen approach based on mouse or touch (smartphone, tablet) interaction with the 3D environment and the Virtual Reality-Based approach that supports a head-mounted display and handheld controllers as interaction tools. The focus has been placed on the latter approach because virtual reality enables immersive and realistic experiences, as well as representing a more exciting and technically challenging topic.