Md Jamiur Rahman, Patrick Radner, Ahnaf Munir
Director:Prof. Gudrun Klinker (Ph.D.)
Supervisor:Adnane Jadid
Submission Date:30.09.2019


360-Tetris is the implementation of the classical game of Tetris using virtual reality. The Tetris bricks are spawned in the surrounding area of the player and the player interacts with the bricks using a controller. Like the classical Tetris, the goal of the game is to complete full lines of bricks and clear them. Four walls will surround the user and user has the option to play all four walls or only one.

The objective of this project is to collect the three degree of translational and three degree of rotational movement data from the controller. We decided to collect this data by creating 360-Tetris game as it provides an immersive experience as well as requires sufficient amount of controller movement.  


Here is the link to our Protocol page.

360-Tetris Overview:

Figure 1: Close-up view of 360-Tetris.

Figure 2: Distance overall view of 360-Tetris.

Figure 3: Menu of 360-Tetris.

Figure 2: VR view of 360-Tetris.

KickOff Presentation Slide:


Here is the link to our Game Design page.

Final Presentation Slide:


Md Jamiur Rahman

Patrick Radner 

Ahnaf Munir