Leon Sandner
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:M.Sc. Sandro Weber
Submission Date:09.09.2020


This thesis proposes an architecture for the reactive and distributed framework Ubi-Interact (Ubii) which allows it to handle enormous processing loads by letting dedicated

clients within the local network do processing in various programming languages. We

explain the principle of ubiquitous computing, a concept which comprises distributed

real-time computing. We give an overview of distributed architecture goals and

show how other distributed frameworks solve processing intensive workloads. We

also give a short overview of Ubii and explain the limiting factors of NodeJs that

lead to the proposed solution. We explain our solution architecture, what we have

already implemented and tested, what still needs to be implemented and proven, and

further solutions that could make it possible for Ubii to process vast amounts of data,

distributed and within a real-time context.

Ubi-Interact project on Github


Final Presentation: