Oguzcan Kirmemis
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Palmas, Fabrizio (@ge25zag)
Submission Date:14.09.2020


The need for quality user interfaces and controlling techniques is emerging with the mobile game market growing rapidly in the number of published games. Recent developments in mobile technology allowed games in this area to be furthermore complex. For a complex designed game to succeed in the market, it is necessary to find the optimal user interface and interaction mechanisms between the player and the game. Another problem for such a game that it is expected to be run in a system where the traditional interaction mechanisms are not available, which opens many possibilities for interface design. This Bachelor’s Thesis studies the interaction methods on the example of the ’Space Wanderer’, a mobile game in the jump and run genre. The game and its elements are analyzed, implemented controlling techniques and user interfaces are evaluated based on a user study.

Results/Implementation/Project Description


Thesis and Presentation Slides