Nina Cordes
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:M.Sc. Sandro Weber
Submission Date:15.9.2021


People are sitting too much and exercising too little in modern society. This is mostly because of time and motivation problems. To combat the problem of motivation, an engaging and interesting to play game that involves exercising with friends was developed. It combines elements of dancing and social deduction games. For the recognition of dance movements, a smartphone is used as a controller with IMU sensors and a computer displays the visuals. Points are distributed via an euclidean distance metric, after evaluating multiple different recognition methods for their advantages and disadvantages. To visualize the movements, the direction is determined separately from the points. Moreover, the IMU data received from the smartphone is analyzed to identify issues and propose solutions.

The development of a lobby system for the Ubi-interact framework is documented and explained in detail.

It was found that the direction of movements is hard to determine based on the IMU measurements, whereas the euclidean distance metric works quite well. Further tests would have to be carried out after improving the visualization of the players’ movements, but an initial test indicates that the concept is fun for the players and has potential.

Results/Implementation/Project Description


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