Nguyen Duc, Tran Minh
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Dyrda, Daniel (@ga67gub)
Submission Date:[created]


Augmented Reality applications can work together with traditional board games and have good potential to the user's experience positively by lessening mandatory parts of the game that do not necessarily contribute to having enjoyable experience while playing. The goal of this bachelor thesis is the development of a supportive Augmented Reality Application for the board game Go that offers multiple tools to ease the life of the players of Go that use the application. With first an introduction to the board game Go, an introduction to the circle detection algorithm, the Hough Transform, and the AR introduction the basis for this thesis is built to be able to create the application. Then the project is built in Unity and uses multiple tools of the OpenCVsharp library to detect the pieces and the game board. A fully functional AR application isn't built, but the foundation and the core, detecting the pieces of both sides as well as detecting the board lines, for future development is implemented and explained.

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