Kalaydzhiev, Martin
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Eichhorn, Christian (@ga73wuj)
Submission Date:[created]


This thesis presents an iOS application, that has the goal to leverage people’s awareness of the nutritional values of the foods they consume, and encourage food-related behavioral change. The application uses AR technology to visualize the amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugar and calories contained in each product. The visualization is done using cubes and spheres of different sizes and colors. Users also have the ability to compare two different foods with each other, so that they can pick the richer in nutrients product. AR goes hand in hand with games so a gamified element is also included in the application to make the whole experience more fun and lasting. Users can play a simple and easy to learn game that teaches them to prefer fruits to high in sugar and calories alternative like cakes

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