Redl, Valérie
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Dyrda, Daniel (@ga67gub)
Submission Date:[created]


This thesis looks into how an interactive web app can benefit from being an installable, cachable progressive web app. Providing cross-platform user and development solutions has become increasingly challenging. To overcome this challenge, Google introduced the progressive web app (PWA) principle, providing a unified development solution. This principle elevates a web app to an installable application with sophisticated caching opportunities, allowing for network-independent, cross-platform usage. To investigate the performance gains and limitations of employing a PWA for interactive 3D applications, I developed a PWA that includes two self-contained interactive 3D rendering pipelines. I reviewed this PWA's loading times and overall performance across multiple devices by implementing a test case and analyzing the resulting data. The PWA profited from being cached as model loading times and time to first render were significantly lower. However, there was no performance gain from running as a standalone PWA versus inside a browser tab. Additionally, the overall performance depended heavily on the selected browser.

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