Will, Moritz
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Dyrda, Daniel (@ga67gub)
Submission Date:[created]


This bachelor thesis is about the interactive visualization of complex state diagrams for

optimal developer experience. Various results of existing work will be outlined and

then applied in the practical part. Different interaction methods in connection with

statecharts are examined and evaluated. This includes the use of the motion parallax

effect, which tracks the user’s head position to create a better 3D effect. Animations

to better highlight informations of the statechart were also tested. These are among

others an outlining effect and a frames effect which highlight certain relations in the state

diagram and thus make them easier to understand. Also an experiment to visualize the

execution of a statechart was performed and analyzed. The work concludes that there

is probably a great potential in the interactive visualization of complex state diagrams,

but it needs to be further investigated.

PDF and Slides: