Neufeld, Daniel
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Plecher, David (@ne23mux)
Submission Date:[created]


Learning a new language is difficult, learning a new writing system for a new language is even harder and usually not engaging. Learning hieroglyphs is even harder, since the language is no longer spoken and little media exists to help with that. Learning hieroglyphs traditionally works by using books and flipcards to memorize the translation of hieroglyphs. Consequently learning hieroglyphs is usually not very engaging. Serious games are are a new medium to learn anything from languages to history. HieroQuest is a Serious Game about learning hieroglyphs. After a study performed by David A. Plecher, Florian Herber and Christian Eichhorn [Ple+20] showed that the game helps with engagement and knowledge acquisition it became interesting to see if playing the game in VR could help even more. When VR hardware became more affordable it became interesting to see if a Serious Game like HieroQuest works in VR and how VR affects the learning outcome of the player. This thesis focuses on the design and implementation aspects of porting a game to VR and proposes a study structure to test the VR version of HieroQuest.

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