Laura Xourgias
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Dr. David A. Plecher
Submission Date:15.06.2022


AR is a rapidly growing technology, which is used in more and more everyday areas. The simultaneous display of real and virtual content offers new possibilities, which above all enable the visualization of invisible processes. An interesting area of application is in education, especially in chemistry classes, to model reactions and molecules and thus visualize the molecular level. 
ARChem is a learning environment that uses AR to visualize the invisible processes in buffer reactions in order to simplify learning for students. It does however also provide additional support about the content beside the AR models. 
The background of this approach as well as similar projects are presented and analyzed. Of particular interest are the many possibilities that an AR learning environment offers in chemistry classes, but also in other areas.
In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of AR applications in education are discussed.

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Results/Implementation/Project Description