Leonie Wargitsch
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Plecher, David (@ne23mux)
Submission Date:[created]


Informing oneself about the content of an opera is essential before visiting a performance. For this reason the Serious Game Orpheus’ Journey was developed as an preparation tool for watching Monteverdi’s opera l’Orfeo, offering an alternative to more traditional methods of preparation like text or video summaries. The game features both adventure scenes and music sequences. It teaches the player main musical themes as well as the story and characters of the opera. In a user study the game’s effectiveness as a preparation tool and the impact it had on the players’ opera experience were investigated.

Implementation Photos

Music Sequence

Music Sequence

Adventure Sequence


In a user study players tested different preparation methods before watching the opera l’Orfeo. It was shown that the game could prepare players sufficiently for watching the opera while also being engaging on it’s own. Orpheus’ Journey is therefore fulfilling its dual purpose as a Serious Game of achieving its serious goal while at the same time being entertaining and engaging. After watching the opera there was no significant difference in knowledge about the opera and the quality of the opera experience when comparing players of the game to those who prepared using conventional methods.

Further game features were proposed which could improve the game in the future by introducing puzzle mechanics and including more background knowledge about Greek mythology.

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