Hefele, Vincent
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Liedtke, Sven (@ga73gop)
Submission Date:[created]


Virtual and mixed reality have been an important addition to the video game industry throughout the last decade. This thesis evaluates different game engines and audio solutions regarding to mixed reality applications. Based on the basic structure of a game engine developed for research purposes, this work presents a possible solution for integrating spatial audio events into mixed reality applications. The FMOD library provides a wide variety of functionalities and was therefore used for the implementation process. An important aspect of the integration was to provide tools for different spatial audio events that could be prioritised. The engine this research is based on now provides an audio component that allows for the creation of different spatial audio events in mixed reality applications. To this end, prioritising audio sources and providing different audio playback modes is important in creating spatial audio events in mixed reality applications. Mixed reality still is a new technology, however, further research is needed to specify which aspects of spatial audio are crucial for mixed reality and how they differ from conventional spatial audio.

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