Pernsteiner, Paul
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Liedtke, Sven (@ga73gop)
Submission Date:[created]


With more geospatial data becoming available each year, the demand for interactive 2D and 3D visualization solutions grows. This includes the still in-development TallShipEngine, whose developers plan to implement a specialized interactive 3D GIS for all device types supported by the engine. With this thesis, we design the basics of such a system. It provides capabilities for visualizing common geodata sources of different spatial reference systems in the same environment and focuses on creating an easily extendable layer structure with a low impact on the engine's real-time performance. The resulting implementation allows adjustable triangulated and line-based mesh creation for vector data, channel conversion for raster data as well as object creation for POIs. The work presented in this thesis could be used as a starting point for the implementation of a specialized interactive visualization for a selected use-case with a fixed set of geodata requirements. The idea of a system for fire department coordination was pursued throughout this thesis, hence the focus on German geodata sources and scene preparation in advance.

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