Philipp Altrogge
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Klinker, Gudrun (@gi32kef)
Submission Date:[created]


Application processes are usually costly endeavors, often frustrating, to both the companies, as well as the candidates. As hiring is an essential part of running a company, improving upon the process can potentially save significant amounts of time and money. The goal of this thesis is to increase the amount of applications our customers receive when using our application management system, by applying game-typical elements to the process. We adapted an existing step in our process to feature game-typical elements. The elements were chosen by analyzing existing frameworks and studies in the fields of general gamification, recrutainment and other work-related gamification, as well as gamification of surveys. We chose soft and implicit gamification to fit with the professional setting. Although we got a decrease in amounts of applications, the applications generally were more complete. This indicates benefits of adding game-typical elements. Further investigation is needed to determine what caused the decrease in the amount of applications, as well as further comparative testing.

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