Aleksandra Dokic
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:M.Sc. Sandro Weber
Submission Date:15.3.2019


In the industrial setting, it is necessary to organize introductory and demonstrative
courses for the employees which will contain vital information related to the work place,
the job assignments and the employee’s well being. Unfortunately, these courses often do
not relay the intended information due to visualization constraints, inability to reproduce
and experiment with the safety critical situations, and high equipment costs for trial and
error situations. The advancement and availability of the Virtual Reality (VR) is opening
up the possibilities for redesigning industrial courses in order to provide employees with
an opportunity for a hands on experience. They could experiment with the realistic setup
of the safety critical situations or work with the expensive equipment models without the
danger of the injures or causing the material damages.
In this thesis, an example of the VR tutorial was built based on an existing ”High voltage
Electric Vehicle Security” industrial course. The fourteen employees have been selected to
test the application and afterwards participate in the quiz with questions from the VR
tutorial content. The user study results show that the employees found the virtual tutorial
to be a pleasant and entertaining experience. They specifically enjoyed the realistic feel
of the application and felt confident that they could reproduce the same steps in the real
world setup. The quiz performance confirms that the participants were able to answer
related questions with more then 70% accuracy and generalize the obtained knowledge on
the modified tasks.
These positive results obtained from the user study combined with the reasonable de-
velopment and equipment costs suggest that the VR can bring the industrial education to
the new innovative level, help overcome mentioned problems in education and could be a
strong interest point for the companies in the future.

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