Instructors: Prof. Dr. Nassir NavabDr. Shahrooz Faghih Roohi,  Ashkan Khakzar, Azade Farshad, Anees Kazi



  • The preliminary meeting is scheduled for July 21st, from 13:00 to 13:30 with the following zoom link:

Meeting ID: 688 8032 7576

Passcode: 144823

  • Due to the current pandemic, the seminar happens virtually via Zoom (the meeting link will be shared with participants via email).


  • The aim of the course is to provide the students with notions about various machine learning techniques. The course is subdivided into a lecture/excercises block and a project.
    • The lectures will include DL topics relevant to medical imaging applications. Each lecture will be followed by a practical hands-on exercise (e.g. the implementation in Python).
    • The topics of the projects will be distributed at the beginning of the semester. Each topic will be supervised by a different person. The projects are to be realized by couples.

Course Structure

In this Master Praktikum (Hauptseminar), students select one scientific article from the list provided by course organizers. The students read the paper, and must accomplish the following:

  • Presentation: 50% Intermediate and Final Presentation (Done by all tutors -- mainly on your presentation skill, progress so far compared to other groups ...etc.)
  • Project Progress: 50% Project Progress (Done by your tutor -- mainly on your weekly progress on lrz git repository.)


DateSession: TopicSlidesLecturer
08/11Invited Talk
Seyed-Ahmad Ahmadi
15/11Introduction to Clusters
Nikolas Brasch
22/11Graph Neural Networks
Anees Kazi
29/11Medical Image Reconstruction
Shahrooz Faghihroohi
06/12Incremental Learning
Indu Joshi
Ashkan Khakzar
17/01Generative Models

Azade Farshad

Yousef Yeganeh
31/01No Class

07/02Final Presentation



3D Y-Net: Few-shot 3D Segmentation of Medical Images with Fourier Feature Networks

MLMI - WiSe23 - 3D YNet.pdf

Jiaping ZHANG, Joshua Stein, Haowei Zhang, Hamza Haddaoui

Material based reconstruction and segmentation

MLMI - WiSe23 - Material based reconstruction and segmentation.pdfHaoran Cheng, Damian Depaoli, Bo Shao 

Multimodal Representation Learning for Medical Applications

Keicher, Matthias MLMI - WiSe23 - Multimodal Representation Learning.pdfTim Tanida, Mohmmad Kashif Akhtar, Michelle Espranita Liman, Lars Frederik Peiss

Real-time iOCT Volume Registration

MLMI - WiSe23 - OCT Registration.pdfMalika Sanhinova, Ayman Iraqi, Mayar Mostafa, Juan Carlos Climent Pardo

Scope: Structural Continuity Preservation Network

MLMI - WiSe23 - Scope.pdfYongjian Tang, Amr Abuzer, Rui Xiao, Göktug Güvercin

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