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Workshop - 13 September 2019

The widespread diffusion of shared mobility services and electric vehicles is radically changing how
people and goods move. These new mobility trends have the potential to create a future with lower
emissions, greener transportation, and reduced congestion. However, these new mobility services
might also add to traffic congestion, increase car dependency and reduce active travel and the use of
public transportation, depending on local circumstances and the way they are deployed. The
researcher-oriented workshop on “On-demand and Shared Mobility” aims at investigating the attitude
of different cultures towards these new mobility solutions. The discussion will involve top researchers
from US, Europe and South America, in order to analyze the impact of these new mobility trends
across the world

The workshop will take place at the TUM campus (Arcisstraße 21, 80333 Munich room 0507.1713)

This workshop is sponsored by the TUM Global Incentive Fund 2019. For additional information
about the workshop, the registration or any other queries please contact:

Dr. Guido Cantelmo – Prof. Dr. Constantinos Antoniou

Registration Form

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