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In this manual we show you, how to set up a TUM e-mail address and/or a forward of your e-mails. 

Table of Contents

Please log in to TUMonline  and navigate to your business card by clicking on your name top right. 


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1. Where can I set up my e-mail adress?

Click on the link "E-mail Adresses in the applications menu: 

Screenshot: Applications menu - E-mail-Addresses

2. Choose e-mail address

The e-mail window opens up. Here you can set up your TUM e-mail address and select your mailbox.

Please note: 

  • The e-mail address is made up of your first name and last name, i.e. your e-mail address is (e.g.
  • You can edit your first name in the field on the left. You can change the predefined name to a first name.
  • In the field on the right, you can select your last name or part of your last name in the drop-down field. Double-barrelled names cannot be used.
  • A further option is the use of the e-mail address (e.g. 

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Screenshot: Choose TUM e-mail address

3. Mailbox and forwarding

You can select your mailbox under "Zustellung an" see screenshot above:

  • Nur Weiterleitung”: Your e-mails will be forwarded to the e-mail address entered under “Meine Weiterleitungsadresse.” Please enter a valid e-mail address under “Meine Weiterleitungsadresse”.
  • TUM-Mailbox (Exchange)": You can call your e-mails in your Exchange mailbox of TUM .You can access your e-mails under the following link after logging in with the TUMKennung TUM-ID (e.g. “gu27cat”“ga53xez”) and your password.
  • If you have entered a forwarding address in this setting, your e-mails get forwarded.


Tip: Once you set up your exchange mailbox, you can access it easily by clicking on "TUM Mailbox (Exchange)" in your personal TUMonline business card or via

Screenshot: TUM Mailbox (Exchange)

4. Sender address

  • Under "Sender address" you can choose your main TUM e-mail address (name or TUM-ID), which is displayed in your personal business card.
  • Here you can also select the name which The "Display name" is displayed in the exchange addressbook of TUM. 

    See screenshot above.