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My focus over the last week was to refactor and polish the Dungeon Master in VR. In addition i wanted to finish the functional minimum which includes a buff/debuff ability for the master and a synced appearence.

The master can now select either "buff" or "debuff" from his radial menu, and apply it to crawlers or enemies as an effect (Artem and Inshal have more on that) by pointing at them. In order to implement a soft selection, targets will be chosen based on who is closest to the pointing direction and still in range. The selection is visualised by a bezier curve being shot from the Master's hand to the target. To give the master a better feeling for his actions there is also force feedback for most of his actions.

In addition the master is now visible to the crawlers. The headset and the controllers are now tracked by a network synced visual representation, buff and debuff rays are also visible to players.