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TL;DR: Lab was really fun and educational. 11/10, would do again.

Impressions - Jonas

We're done, we're finally done. Or as i remember saying to someone on demo day: "Oh man, there's still so much i'd like to change and add to this game: nicer models, nicer animations, all the features that we're still missing... but if i think about it, i'm not too sad that it's over!" I have to say, i really have mixed feelings about the end of this project, for one most of the work on the project didn't really feel like work at all, just sitting there, adding cool stuff to a game, seeing the progress that you made over the last hours, i spent countless evenings doing it. And it was so much fun, that i didn't even mind sacraficing my gaming time to instead just hang out in teamspeak with Paul, work on the game, test some networking stuff together and so on. But you might already see the problem here: We didn't really make our lives easy with the game idea. Yeah, sure, let's just make an online VR game dungeon crawler game with procedurally generated levels, what could go wrong?

For one, quite obviously our goals were a bit too high right from the start. And for this mistake we had to pay, on one hand we had to give up some features, on the other hand I probably ended up spending just a bit too much time trying to stick to the original project plan. In addition, having to implement the VR part, that also needed to work for other clients on the server, i didn't have too much flexibility. VR is still not too portable and thanks to the latter, you also need two distinct PCs to test the networking. Throw in the normal chaotic communication and a team with very diverse technical backgrounds. All in all, working on the project sometimes became rather stressful and/or a pain in the butt. But oh well.

Enough of the negativity, because one thing is for sure: we made a damn fine game. I never worked on a games project of this magnitude before. During my bachelors, i worked on countless small games project as part of the curriculum but most of them were really just small prototypes slapped together at the end of the semester. This was big though, working one the same project over months and being able to look back at the progress we made since our first networking test setup is amazing and it's really hard just to stop now.

For once, the outcome is also actually kind of impressive. TO BE CONTINUED OR DELETED OR WHATEVER