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Progress update #1.1 - On the way to a functional minimum - Nov 25, 2017

Widget Connector


Unfortunately the embedded video does not showcase all the latest progress, but due to the daily rate of progress, it is futile to try and get every new change in there. 


Progress update


#1.2 - The low target? Eeeh not quite - Dec 5, 2017

Dev Update - Jonas

My focus over the last week was to refactor and polish the Dungeon Master in VR. In addition i wanted to finalize the functional minimum which includes a buff/debuff ability for the master and a synced appearence.


Next week I'll try and find a fitting hand model for the master, preferably a rigged hand mesh that suits the art style. This will allow us to implement advanced master-crawler communication using different hand postures and some better visuals for abilities in general. Additionally, physics based abilities (heal, fireball, etc.) are to be explored.

Dev Update - Artem and Inshal

We were working on the baseline framework that supports:


Since we haven't been very certain about how to implement other abilities for the soldier, for the purposes of the interim demo we spiced up the soldier class with some of the berserker's abilities. Berserker can gain adrenaline for killing enemies and when the adrenaline bar is full, she can go RAGE: katana replaces the gun for a while, and instead of fighing from afar the crawler runs and destroys everything that she can reach. Neat!

(VIDEO IS COMING)Image AddedImage Added


He has a short sword and he is not strong at all. But his abilities are superior: firstly, he can go invisible and sneak past the enemies; secondly he can detect enemies hiding behind the walls. It makes this class perfect to complete the game killing as less enemies as possible. However, there is a reason why this class is called "infiltrator" and not, let us say, "pacifist" or "enemies lover": his special passive ability allows to sneak on an enemy and back-stab it with 4x damage!

(VIDEO IS COMING)Image AddedImage Added

For the enemy detection, several passes of rendering are used, when some enemies are drawn again with different shaders and the images are blended. At the and, we implemented a nice utility that allows us to highlight labeled parts of the scene in various ways (or apply more complex effects to them) with only a couple of scripts.


For now, every effect applied to a crawler, is automatically shown on the UI. It helps with debugging and looks good. Some stats, like health and adrenaline for the berserker are also exposed in the UI.

See you on interim demo.

Dev Update - Paul

Lobby work + networking

Half my work since the last update pertains to the lobby system and UI. For starters, the HMD checks were broken and out of sync before. Now they properly detect if and if so which type of VR headset is connected and displays as much in the lobby player list. The point of this, theoretically, is for everyone to see who is using a VR headset and for the host to be able to pick who of the eligible players will be the VR master. However, for the foreseeable future this pick will not actually be used, as there are still inconsistencies in the networking for a non-host VR master. Additionally, this might open up avenues of potential VR crawlers as well, which are absolutely not planned in the current schedule, but are a possible extension for the future. 


The third big task was to tweak scaling of the dungeon with respect to crawler and master size, and once a suitable scale is found, to build a small demo level for the interim. Overall, hallways and rooms are now about 4 to 6 times as large as in the first prototype video. The master was also scaled up by about a third. The demo level is an attempt at creating a believable office floor structure, with a larger cubicle area, a conference room, a recreational section, a large server room and a central court with some nature objects to provide a nicer work atmosphere. The remaining rooms don't have a specific function, but in light of our plan to replace the fixed structure with dynamically generated levels, there is little point in fleshing out a lot of detail in this demo level. One aspect that fell short, however, is giving the level a high-rise feeling with large windows and perhaps a steep view down onto a larger city. As it stands, the "dungeon" gives a more realistic sense of local scale and should be a good starting point to cut modules from for our planned level generator. 

Target practice

To recap, we believe we have certainly completed the goals of our Functional Minimum and are on a good way to our Low Target. Our core gameplay system are mostly in place, the majority of Low Target tasks ahead are related to creating more enemy variety, complete four different crawler classes instead of two, more fitting 3D models for our entities, more direct crawler signalling and a first foray into a wider level setup. In short, mostly visual and diversity efforts.