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Automotive designers need to be able to test and to present various design scenarios in a suitable virtual environment inside a specific time frame. That arises the need for a software that enables automotive designers to prepare this virtual environment, creates it for them and lets them test it. As part of this software, following theses are available:

  • The development of an algorithm that connects various virtual areas to each other. The specific time frame of the test or the presentation of the various design scenarios creates the need for very specific virtual environments following each other, thus creating a seamless game level.
  • The development of a procedural generator of buildings. This generator should output buildings which give the impression and “feel” of a certain type of environment varying from urban, suburban and a certain world area (American, European and Asian).
  • The development of a smart traffic system that can adapt to each new virtual environment created by the above-mentioned software. Traffic participants (vehicles and pedestrians) should follow traffic rules.

Required skills:  Programming in C++/C

All of the above theses will be developed in Houdini (SideFX). Prior knowledge of Houdini is good but not necessary.