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The CIP pool provides access to the internet, standard and scientific applications and file storage space to students and faculty members of the Physics Department. All workstations run Ubuntu 1618.04 LTS.

We now have two computers running the beta version of Since we did not experience any problems, all computers now run Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver in CIP1. Please test them and send us some feedbackreport any issues that you might find!


You need an account if you wish to use the CIP pool. Account creation is automatic provided that you have a TUMonline physics account (usually created on enrollment for the physics curriculum). Please note that you have to obey the MWN usage guidelines and the rules for TU computers.


If you become a PhD student, depending on the source of your financing, you might not officially be a student anymore. If you find that, although you are still a member of the university, you have lost access due to your status change, please request an exception by sending an email to


There are two CIP pool rooms, CIP1 and CIP2, in the southeast corner of the building. Their room numbers are 1151 and 1161.

Two CIP pool rooms (and one room with reservable desks) are in the white container building on the eastern side of the main building. There are also six CIP computers in the Mini Pool next to the main entrance and four in the foyer.


Access to the CIP pool is possible weekdays from 08:00 till 20:00. You need your student card to enter the rooms. (The card readers also react to other types of cards, so if you have problems opening the doors, please place only your card, not your complete wallet on the reader.) The room cont2 is reserved for long time usage, see


Remote access

You can also easily access the CIP pool computers and all installed applications from home. See Remote Access for details.


You can login at any workstation with your TUM-Kennung (e.g. ga12xyz). The LCD displays switch off after some time to save power, simply move the mouse or press any key to reactivate them. Your user profile and data is shared between all workstations, so it does not matter which workstation you use.

Your password is the same one you use to login on TUMonline. You can change it there.


Applications are started using the Applications menu in the upper left corner of the screen. For example to start a web browser select Applications->Internet->Firefox Web Browser. To open a blank text document select Applications->Office-> Word Processor. All physics related applications are in the Applications->Science and Applications->Education menu entries.

You can access your home directory (that is where your files are stored) by clicking on Places->Home Folder. The Places menu also provides access to the CD/DVD drive and USB memory sticks. Your account is limited to use 3 GB of disk space. This should be sufficient for most users. However if you need more disk space please write to

More information is available in the official Ubuntu 1618.04 LTS documentation. You can also access it by clicking on the question mark icon in the upper panel.

USB memory sticks

You are welcome to connect your USB memory stick to any workstation. After a few seconds it should automatically appear on your desktop. Double click on it to open it.

Before you remove your USB memory stick you have to unmount (eject) it. Right click on the USB stick's desktop icon and select Unmount Volume. Wait till the icon disappears before you disconnect your USB memory stick. If you do not follow this procedure you will damage the files on your USB memory stick.


You may print a limited number of pages per month for free. If you are over your limit your print jobs will not be accepted. If this happens wait a few days and try again.

Do not turn the printer off. After the printer has been power cycled it can take up to 15 minutes for the first job to print. If the printer is broken do not try to fix it on your own. Write to


After you have finished your work you should logout to protect your data. Click on the logout icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then click on Log Out. You can also choose Lock Screen if you only leave the workstation for a short while. The screen will then be locked but your applications will still run. You can then resume your session when you return by entering your password. Please do not block computers for a long time using this function.

Never turn off or reboot a workstation. Other users might be working on it over the network.


There is a small library of computer books on a bookshelf in CIP2. If you have a suggestion for a book that we should add to the library, send an email to


If you experience any technical difficulties please write to Do not reboot or turn off the workstations on your own.