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The CIP Pool consists of 24 workstations in the CIP1 and CIP2 pool rooms, 24 workstations in the container building, 6 workstations in the Mini Pool by the entrance and 4 workstations in the foyer. All workstations run Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, but they can also be used to directly connect to the Windows Application Server. There are SmartBoards in CIP2 and Cont3.


To enter the CIP Pool rooms, just hold your Legic card (student ID) next to the card readers by the doors. In case of problems, please take your card out of your wallet, many other cards (e.g. credit cards) use Legic-compatible technology, so the reader may actually see the wrong card. In case of persistent problems, send an email to

In some of the rooms there are printers, to reduce wasted paper by erroneous print commands, they usually can only be accessed from the respective rooms. To cancel your printouts (if you do not want to wait for them), go to and use your login and password. You can also open a terminal window (Accessories/Terminal) and type lprm job#, your job# is displayed in the printer's queue (see links on the Printing page).

There is a page on Remote Access, but you need to be logged in with your TUM account to view it.

If you want to install software licensed by the Physikdepartment on your own computer, please go here


17.07.2018VNC now uses tigerVNC (instead of tightVNC) to support dynamic screen resizing (Settings→Display, just like a physical monitor)
12.04.2018Maintaining the NX remote access functionality is getting more and more difficult because a lot of the components involved (xfs server side font rendering!) can only be convinced to work on modern distributions by compiling our own binaries from old sources. Also, users report that running the client binaries is only possible with some tricks. We will therefore discontinue NX, please use VNC! See RemoteAccess for details.
11.04.2018Cipgate now runs Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver, just like the test hosts in CIP1. Please test and report problems/success.


You can now remotely connect to the CIP pool via VNC! First, connect to cipgate via SSH as usual, but including a port forward for VNC: "ssh -p 222 -L 5900:localhost:5900". Then, you can connect to the graphical login screen of cipgate by typing "vncviewer localhost" on your local computer. See RemoteAccess for details.


The temperatures are rising and the air conditioners are dripping again. (sad) Please report water on the tables to!


We have replaced the first-generation Core-i7 hosts in CIP2 with Skylake-based systems.


The card readers by the doors now authenticate against the central LDAP directory. Please report any problems.


Mathematica 11 is now available.
11.08.2016Almost all the computers in CIP1 and CIP2 now run on SSDs.
26.07.2016We now have a direct VPN connection to the CIP pool.
04.07.2016The problem with the dripping air conditioner in CIP2 should be fixed. Please report dripping water if you see it!
10.06.2016cip2ivy in CIP2 now has a 22" FullHD Wacom Cintiq. You are welcome to play with it, but please do not steal the pen.
08.06.2016The CUDA hosts in CIP2 now also run Ubuntu 16.04. NX has been fixed so that it also works with Xenial.
14.04.2016We have now upgraded a lot of hosts to Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial. Please report problems. (We heard that gnome does not work for some people, is that correct?)


Mathematica 10.4 is now available as /mount/packs/Mathematica10.4/mathematica. If there are no problems, it will soon become the default.
03.03.2016There is a new LaserJet M602 in the MiniPool to replace the foyer copy machine.
26.02.2016We have a new Wiki!
25.02.2016There is a new ADF scanner in CIP1.
19.01.2016User authentication of cipgate and c2quad1-6 has been changed from LDAP to ADS. (You can tell by the machine names now starting with "tuphcom-", although the old names will remain valid.) In principle this should be transparent to the users, but if you notice any strange behaviour with these machines, please send an email to!
19.06.2015There is a new LaserJet M602 in CIP Pool 1.
titleThis is the new Wiki for the CIP pool!

We have moved the contents of the old twiki to the new TUM Wiki system. You can contribute in the User Forum section!

All photos on these pages were taken by SR.

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