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DateTimePlaceTopicAdditional Info
08.02.202116:00-16:30Zoom MeetingPreliminary Meeting
05.04 - 09.04 2021

Papers assignments to be released (contact your corresponding tutor once you know your paper)
27.04.202112:00 - 14:00Zoom MeetingIntro to Graph Deep Learning


18.05.202112:00 - 14:00Zoom Meeting

Presentations I:

  • Multi-View Graph Convolutional Network and Its Applications on Neuroimage Analysis for Parkinson’s Disease
  • Cgc-net: Cell graph convolutional network for grading of colorectal cancer histology images 
  • Uncertainty-based Graph Convolutional Networks for Organ Segmentation Refinement

25.05.202112:00 - 14:00Zoom Meeting

Presentations II:

  • Latent-Graph Learning for Disease Prediction
  • A joint 3D UNet-Graph Neural Network-based method for Airway Segmentation from chest CT
  • Graph Random Neural Networks for Semi-Supervised Learning on Graphs

01.06.202112:00 - 14:00Zoom Meeting

Presentations III:

  • Interpreting Graph Neural Networks For NLP With Differentiable Edge Masking
  • On The Bottleneck of Graph Neural Networks and Its Practical Implications
  • Simplifying Graph Convolutional Networks

08.06.202112:00 - 14:00Zoom Meeting

Presentations IV:

  • Temporal Graph Networks For Deep Learning on Dynamic Graphs
  • Graph Meta Learning via Local Subgraphs
  • Recovering Brain Structural Connectivity from Functional Connectivity via Multi-GCN Based Generative Adversarial Network

15.06.202112:00 - 14:00Zoom Meeting

Presentations V:

  • Learning Graph Embeddings for Compositional Zero-shot Learning
  • Distilling Knowledge from Graph Convolutional NetworksAttacking graph convolutional networks via rewiring.
  • On The Bottleneck of Graph Neural Networks and Its Practical Implications

22.06.202112:00 - 14:00Zoom MeetingPresentations VI