Are You Interested in AI, Additive Manufacturing , Generative Design and its applications on an industrial level ? Then join us in this two-part event in collaboration with Hyperganic !

The event consists of a 90 minutes talk and an accompanying 2 day workshop where you'll learn the behind the scenes of the industry of tomorrow. Selected participants may be offered the opportunity to apply the learnings from the workshop and integrate them with AI in a thesis or research internship.

Teaser Talk

Short Description

In her talk, Aerospoace engineer Josefine Lissner will introduce the Hyperganic Platform and explain the design of an advanced 3D-printed aerospike rocket engine using computer algorithms. Algorithmic Engineering is a new paradigm where objects are created from computer code in a similar way that natural evolution works. The results are machines that are more complex, more functional, and more efficient than traditionally engineered products. 

When ?

Wednesday, 19.01.2022

14:00 - 15:30

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Short Description

Additive Manufacturing, or 3D Printing, enabled the production of complex objects. However, the paradigm with which modern engineers create such objects is not that different from that used by the ancient Romans and Greeks – laborious, limited by the skills, knowledge and creativity of human engineers. 
How can we finally augment the capabilities of an engineer and truly tap into the added complexity that additive manufacturing offers? The answer lies in Algorithmic Engineering -  a new paradigm where objects are created from computer code in a similar way that natural evolution works. The results are more complex, functional and sustainable.

How can we finally elevate the roles of engineers and truly tab into the added complexity that additive manufacturing offers ? The Answer lies in Algorithmic Engineering and we are here to share this new engineering paradigm with you through this workshop. 

Take a dive into the future where engineering and design are driven by a scalable software paradigm.

Get hands-on with encoding human engineering knowledge into computer algorithms to create physical objects that are as functional, complex and sustainable as nature.

Together, we will take the first steps toward addressing today's pressing engineering challenges by

  • Adopting an algorithmic paradigm for engineering
  • Painting matter into space with voxels
  • Generating geometries with algorithms
  • Framing engineering challenges with a software approach
  • Creating Algorithmic Engineering applications for specific uses

When ?

Bachelor Students:  19.04.2022 and 20.04.2022 , from 9 am to 3 pm

Master and PhD Students: 21.04.2022 and 22.04.2022 , from 9 am to 3 pm

Where ?

TUM Inner City Campus


Laptop, No prior coding knowledge


Resistrations are closed

About Hyperganic

Hyperganic is a deep technology company using AI and Algorithmic Engineering to generate breakthrough objects that approach the complexity of natural objects and are ideally suited for mass-production using Industrial 3D printing. Hyperganic was started in 2017 by serial founders Lin Kayser and Michael Gallo, who have worked together for more than 20 years. The founders’ previous company, IRIDAS, a high speed image processing technology company that helped to digitize Hollywood, was acquired by Adobe in 2011. The Hyperganic Group has offices in in Munich, Singapore and China. Hyperganic currently employs 45 employees from 15 different nations, with past experiences in diverse fields, from aerospace engineering to computational biology, business development, legal and operations. In January 2021, the company raised 7.8m USD from HV Capital, VSquared Ventures and Converge, as well as Hermann Hauser, the Co-Founder of ARM. 

About the Collaboration with the Chair of Data Processing

The collaboration between the Chair of Data Processing and Hyperganic is part of a bigger research project funded by the state of Bavaria, named KI.FABRIK. Within the scope of the project we will try to involve students and offer Bachelor theses, research internships and Master theses, which scope will be the integration of Machine Learning with the concepts of Algorithmic Engineering and Additive Manufacturing. This workshop is intended as the kickstarting event to the larger project. If you're interested in doing a student project within these research fields, do not hesitate to apply for the workshop !


If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at

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