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In this manual we show you, how to set up the language, the view, the sorting, etc for your TUMonline user account. 

Please log in to TUMonline and navigate to your business card by clicking on your name top right.

1. Where can I set my personal setting?

Click under "resources" on the link "Personal settings". 

Screenshot: Application menu - Personal Settings

2. How to change the settings?

The following window opens up:

Screenshot: Personal Settings in TUMonline

    • E-mail client: You can configure which mail program opens while sending an e-mail out of TUMonline. 

    • Icons: "Icons" allows you to sort the links in the applications menu (business card) alphabetically or by subject.

    • Navigation tree: You can decide whether the TUMonline navigation tree is to appear on the left-hand side or not. 

    • Browser check: To use TUMonline with older browsers please deactivte this check mark. The browser check ist not active. Please note: errors in the display of TUMonline can occur afterwards. 

    • Preferred language: Here can you configure whether your TUMonline is to be displayed in German or English in general.