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In this manual we show you, how to find your study schedule. 

Please log in to TUMonline  and navigate to your business card by clicking on your name top right.

1. How can I display my curriculum?

You get an overview about your curriculum by clicking on "Study Status/Curriculum" in your personal business card. Your curriculum may not yet appear in TUMonline since some courses have not yet been fully modeled. A pop up window is opening with information. Please contact your campus office.

Screenshot: Applications menu - Show curriculum

2. Choose degree program

Please click in the next window on the name of your degree program:

Screenshot: Display curriculum

3. Display Curriculum

Under “Curricula Support” you will see your course tree with all modules, courses and examinations:

Screenshot: Display curriculum

4. Open the curriculum

Click on the different elements to open the "program tree". Please note:  

  • Module: orange star
  • Courses: red triangle
  • Exams: green circle

Screenshot: Open curriculum


Click on each course and exam to get more details and register for it!

5. Display study schedule and semester plan

6. Registration for courses and exams 

We recommend to register for courses and exams via your degree program tree.  


Your curriculum may not yet appear in TUMonline since some courses have not yet been fully modeled. Please contact your campus office.

In case you are enrolled for the first time or change the degree program in the NEXT semester or you are on a leave of absence for the running semester, you cannot display your upcoming studies yet in your study status. With the beginning of the new semester you studies are displayed. Until then you can find your curriculum via the link "Degree programmes" on your faculties business card. There you find a standard semester plan with all recommended courses and exams. 

7. FAQ

I completed my bachelor's degree and enrolled for the master's program for the next semester. My study status is still showing the bachelor's.

  • What you see in TUMonline is your study status as of *today.* This still applies to the current semester.

  • The master's enrollment applies to the next semester. The study status will change with the start of the respective semester: winter semester as of October 1 and summer semester as of April 1.

I can't register with my master's status for lectures in which I'm enrolled for the coming semester.

  • In order to register for a course, you need a program with an active study status. If you are enrolled in multiple programs and if the course is open to all programs, you can register with any of them.
  • If your master's program status does not become active until the start of the coming semester, you can register for the course with your bachelor's program. In other words, if you enrolled for the master's program beginning with the 2013 summer semester and the registration deadline for the course is April 1, 2013, you can still register with your bachelor's program.

  • Since neither registration for nor participation in courses shows up in the student documentation, this creates no disadvantage for you.


Let's assume you completed your bachelor's in the 2012/2013 winter semester and enrolled in the master's program for the 2013 summer semester. Your status will only show the bachelor's until March 31, 2013 since this is your only course of study during the 2012/2013 winter semester. Beginning on April 1, 2013, your study status will also show the master's.

What do the names like "module" or "course" mean?

  • Every course has a title that can change from semester to semester. What's relevant for the study and exam regulations is the fixed designator that is linked to the module over the course of its lifetime.
  • The course offering can, but must not, have the same name as the module
Chart: TUM

Where Can I Find an Overview of all Modules?

The application "Module Catalog" shows all published module desciptions.

  • Visit TUMonline and click on the respective organization (TUM/department/chair/...).
  • Click on the link "Module Catalog" in the application menu at the bottom.

Screenshot: Module catalog in TUMonline