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In this manual we show you how to find modules. 

1. Module, module description and module catalog

Modules are the building blocks of bachelor and master degree programs. 

  • A module consists of one or more lectures coordinated in terms of content and time.
  • The module descriptions provide information about the content structure of the respective modules. 
  • The module descriptions are also summarised in the "Module Catalog" by course, academic department or university-wide.

2. How can I display the module catalog/description?

You have several options to display module descriptions. See point 3, point 4 and point 5. 

3. Modules of your degree program 

  • Published module descriptions from the program can be found under “Study Status/Curriculum” (see chapter “Curriculum”). 
  • Modules for which a module description exists are shown in the list with a book symbol. Click on the book symbol to view them.
  • The module handbook (PDF) for your degree program can be found next to the title of your degree program (yellow square)

Screenshot: Module descriptions in the curriculum

4. Modules of an organization

  • You will find all of a facility’s published module descriptions via the facility’s business card under the link “Module Catalog”:

Screenshot: Applications menu - Module Catalog

Please choose a module by clicking on the name of a module: 

Screenshot: Choose module of organization

The detailed module description opens up. Click on the printer-symbol to print out the descrpition. 

Screenshot: Print out module description

5. Display modules via search function

You can search freely for a module via the search function top-right. 

Screenshot: Search for modules